B2 Use of English Multiple Choice Exam 2

The home of the eskimos

The (1) of the Eskimos, which is commonly known as Alaska, became one of the United States in 1959, thereby increasing the size of the USA by twenty per cent. This (2) state has the largest mountain in North America, but surprisingly it also has the second smallest (3) . Hunting and trapping are major industries in this region, due to the large numbers of wild animals, (4) as polar bears, moose and seals. The Inuit, who used to be known as Eskimos, are the largest group of native people living in Alaska and most of them hunt, fish, or live in cities and work for the government. The (5) city is Juneau, although Anchorage is the largest city in the state, with a population of around 230,000. Many people have the impressions that Alaska is very cold because it is only 571 km from the Arctic (6) , but in reality the climate is surprisingly mild. It is an important tourist destination because of its (7) location, and people who wish to experience life in the wild, fly into Anchorage International Airport hire a pilot and set (8) into the remote areas of Alaska.

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