B2 Reading Gapped Text Exam 9

The Beatles

In 1960, four young people in Liverpool got together to form a pop group called the Beatles. They were so successful that they became widely regarded as the greatest and most influential act of the rock era. They broke up in 1970, and ever since their fans around the world have hoped they would get back together again. In 1980, one of the most influential members of the group, John Lennon, was assassinated, and it was obvious that this dream would never come true, although there was enormous pressure on the remaining three band members to reunite and go on tour together again.

It was clear to everyone, including the remaining three band members, that the group would never be the same without John Lennon. Some people also felt that it was wrong to try, as it would destroy the memory of the original group.

This made it nearly impossible for the three of them to be seen on tour again.

This jamming session, which was filmed at the late George Harrison's Oxfordshire home, showing McCartney, Harrison and Starr playing together was released on DVD later in the year. The trio played the following numbers: Ain't She Sweet, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Raunchy, Thinking of Linking and Baby What You Want Me To Do.

They first went on tour to Germany in 1960, and were hoping to find fame there but in fact they found dirty clubs and low paying gigs. This first tour ended rather abruptly when George Harrison, who was only 17, was reported for being under age. In 1961 they worked as a back-up band for a singer called Tony Sheridan and the recording they made together caught the eye of Brian Epstein, who owned a record store. He went to see the band playing at The Cavern and was very impressed.

Brian became their manager and made some improvements by putting them in black suits and keeping their long hair. Their first album was called 'Please Please Me' and hit the British charts in 1963.
It was so successful they became indisputable leaders of popular music until they broke up. They were also the first British act to conquer America after they appeared on The Ed Sullivan show in 1964.

This was a tremendous breakthrough and their popularity went from strength to strength. They continued recording and touring the world until 1970 when they split after lengthy period of disputes.
They are still influential today, even though they never played again after splitting up.

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