B2 Use of English Multiple Choice Exam 19

Keeping kitten healthy

A healthy kitten doesn't just happen. As the (1) you need to be proactive, because your kitty can't (2) you when she feels sick. You should start as (3) as you bring her home - maybe even before. Take the kitten to get checked (4) within the first week (5) home; or before you bring her home if you have other cats.
You need to play voyeur when your kitten poops and pees, feel for lumps and bumps (6) her monthly exam, and watch for signs she's just under the (7) . Take her to the vet annually and keep her current on her vaccinations. One of the most important decisions you can (8) about your kitten's future is whether to have him (or her) fixed. Just a simple snip as early as eight weeks old can mean the difference between your boy cat peeing on the wall or properly in the litter box.

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