B2 Use of English Multiple Choice Exam 10

A first time for everybody

Joe stepped onto the aeroplane and was met by one of the cabin crew who showed him to his seat. This was his first flight and he was feeling quite nervous. His hands were (1) slightly and he was breathing deeply. He walked along the (2) of the plane and found his seat. Joe had spent a lot of time on planning his holiday, given this was the first time he had been abroad. Sitting next to him was an 8 year-old-boy who also (3) to be quite nervous. Joe knew he was quite good with children, so he decided to try to calm the boy. After (4) with the boy for a few minutes, Joe produced some chocolate and gave it to him. The (5) then became quite cheerful as he explained that he loved chocolate so much.
The man and the boy found that they (6) well together as they chatted for the whole flight. Joe discovered that they were on the same return flight the following week, which pleased them both. When they (7) at the terminal, Joe commented about what a very good flight he'd had. The young boy agreed, saying that he was looking forward to (8) Joe again on the return flight.

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