B2 Use of English Multiple Choice Exam 1

Becoming a star

Every year thousands of young (1) be stars turn up in Hollywood, the land of fantasy and dreams, hoping to be (2) by a producer who believes they have that special magic stardust that audiences worship. What they don't realise is that they are setting (3) on a journey leading to long days of low paid jobs waiting on tables or cleaning cars. The (4) majority, if not all, will finally have to go back to their home towns, penniless and with their dreams in (5) . Los Angeles is full of waiters and waitresses who will tell you that they are only working there for the time being, until they get their (6) in films, which never comes. So here is some free advice. Before you decide that a life in (7) is for you, take a long hard look at yourself and make sure you really are strong (8) to endure the many hard years you will undoubtedly face. If you still decide to go ahead, I have two words for you. Good luck .

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