B2 Use of English Multiple Choice Exam 4

The traveller's itch that can't be scratched

David Lewis took a gap (1) before starting university, and that was how he caught the bug for travelling. Many teenagers choose to take a year (2) before starting their degree courses at university, a gap year, just to have a (3) from the years of intensive study they have been involved with. David had saved some money after doing (4) jobs and decided he needed to learn about other cultures by visiting America and Asia. Normally the way people (5) their gap years depends on their personalities. Somebody who is very adventurous is (6) to do something more challenging than somebody who is quieter. David went for extreme adventure and has never looked (7) . As soon as his university course finished, he set off on a three-year trip round the world. What's more he decided to only use transport which was (8) by natural energy, which meant relying on bicycles and his own legs. When he had to cross water, he decided to work on ships to pay for his passage. His reason for this decision was to transmit his message about environmental change, and he made sure to pass his message on to all the people he met along the way.

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