B2 Use of English Multiple Choice Exam 3

The school bus that's connected to the web

The school bus (1) the areas that surround Tucson city, USA, takes an average of seventy minutes each way. This represented a boring, dusty and unavoidable (2) of time for many students, who would have loved to be able to use this time for homework and other academic work. Now they can. Mobile internet (3) has been installed on their yellow school shape and as a consequence, the previously bored, often noisy, teens have been (4) into quiet, studious individuals. The inspiration for this internet bus really took shape when the district's chief information (5) came across an article about having internet access in cars. They realised that when they travelled to Phoenix in (6) , a journey of two hours each way, one person could drive and the other could work using a laptop and a wireless card. This idea led (7) the question of whether internet access on a school bus could also increase students' academic (8) The project has been a great success and levels of homework completion have increased dramatically. It is true that some students use the service for entertainment, but the vast majority use it for quality study time.

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